I Never Used To Pray

These are hard times for everyone.   Just watch the news for five minutes and you’ll hear it:  housing slump, unemployment, stimulus plan, going to get worse before it gets better.  It’s the same every day.   Here in California, a budget has just been passed that attempts to make up for a huge (huge) deficit.  Guess who will be paying for that deficit?  Yes, us, the taxpayers.  Taxes will be raised, the sales tax will increase and we can expect our car registration to double.  Kids will have a hard time getting a decent education due to more than 8 billion dollars in education cuts.  On top of this, we are in the middle of a drought.  We have already received the notice in the area where we live that we’ll be paying double for any water we use over our allotment each month.  Guess we won’t be filling up that pool when it’s 110 degrees this summer.  Sorry, kids!  How much more do they think we can take?

Both adults in my family of three are facing possible layoffs come summer.   I am in education (see above about the budget cuts) and my husband is in construction (yay for the housing slump!).  What will happen to this beautiful house that we love and take care of so well?  Working in a public school, I have first hand experience that lets me know I made the right choice by putting  my boy in private school.  The kids in my area have a tough edge to them (see last post) and then there are those cuts in education (yay for the budget!).  My boy is challenged academically and is (most important) happy at his school.  What if that school is not an option for us next year?  We are better off than many, I realize.  But still, I am left with a kind of sick and worried feeling on a daily basis.  What will happen to us and everyone else?  Will we be the ones to lose our house or will it be someone close to us that we care about?

I suggested to my husband that we make a plan for tough times ahead.  He asked, in a defeated tone of voice,  what plan would that be ?  I can see his point.  So, like everyone else, we’ll hunker down, plan as best we can, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  We really have no other choice.

I never used to pray.  But now I do.  Not so much to God, that guy with long hair and flowing robes.  I pray to a higher power, something or someone that is bigger than us all.  I have to give my faith over to that higher power and trust that things will work out, that they will be O.K.  because, clearly, I do not have control over this.


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