Last Spring, our first in this house, it seemed that these flowers appeared in our yard overnight, as if by magic.  I figured someone had crept into our yard at night in the darkness and left this sign of Spring in our gray yard that was filled with stick-like plants.  That was the only possible explanation for someone like me, who knows absolutely NOTHING about plants and their behavior.  But then my mom filled me in, as moms do, and let me know that the previous owner had planted a bulb some Spring and it was no longer visible by the time we moved into our house in the month of July.  Now that explanation was not nearly as wonderful as the one that I had imagined, but, O.K., whatever, Mom- guess you know about these things.

Even though I knew the real story, I was still a bit taken by surprise when the flowers popped up in our yard last week.  A year has passed and it’s been a hard year, but the flowers didn’t care.  Their job is to bloom, that’s what they do.  And so they did.  Well, at least SOMETHING is predictable around here.

Like last year, seeing these flowers gives me hope.  Hope that Spring and warmer weather are just around the corner, of course.  But also, hope that anything that is difficult in my life, in your life or in anyone’s life….will be O.K.

You know, sometimes hope is all we have.


2 responses to “Hope

  1. I like your explanation better……..

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