Morning Conversation

The Boy:  (coming into the bedroom)  “Mom!  Have you seen my motorcycle shirt that Auntie gave me for Christmas?”

The Mom:  (looking at the laundry basket full of dirty clothes)

The Boy:  (looking, too)  “Oh.”

The Mom:  “I’ll wash it today, you can wear it tomorrow.”

The Boy:  (looking longingly at the shirt)  “Man, I wish I could-”

The Mom:  (knowing exactly what the Boy was going to say, as moms often do)  “If you had worn it dirty out of the laundry and I didn’t know about it, that would have been fine.  But if I KNOW you are wearing a dirty shirt, I will think about it all day and it will just make me crazy.  Sorry, I just can’t let you do it.”

The Boy:  (still looking longingly at the shirt)

The Mom:  “We need to have good hygiene, Buddy.”

The Boy:  (walking away after one more glance over his shoulder that clearly asks, ” Why?”)


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