In the early mornings, while I get ready for the day, I worry.  That’s my time.  The husband is off to work and the boy is still asleep.  When the boy’s alarm goes off at 6a.m., he usually turns it off, then crawls back into bed to watch T.V. and ease into his day.  So, I have the time to worry for a while.  You would worry, too, if you were me.

Friday was different, though.  Friday morning at 6:01a.m., the boy bursts into the room and says,  “Good morning, Mom!  Happy Friday the 13th!”  I could feel my worrying stop:  my face relaxed into a smile (felt so much better than using all those muscles to frown!) and then I laughed over something that he said.  He was gone as quickly as he came.  I resumed my worrying.

A few minutes later, the boy was back, telling me I needed to look at the news RIGHT NOW because there was a story on off road vehicles he wanted me to see.  I felt my worries leave me for the minutes we watched various off road vehicles and picked out the ones we wished we had.  Then, he was off to call his dad and tell him about these off road vehicles.  I imagined his dad’s face, relaxing into a smile in the middle of his stressful morning when he heard his boy’s voice.

I wanted to resume my worrying but I knew he would be back in minutes with something else that would interrupt my worrying and….why keep shifting in and out of worry mode?  It was time to put my worries aside for the day and get on with the life at hand.  Because life has a way of going on, worries or no worries.  There would be time to worry another day.

This is not a story of “Oh, my kid is so great, he is all that matters, at least we have each other.”  Sadly, this does not pay the bills or find a new job.  This is about the power of an 8 year old boy.  Because to wipe out that worry, even for a few minutes, well, that is powerful.

Maybe the president should talk to this kid.  Maybe he could use this boy’s  help.


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