Wonderful Spring Break

I am nearing the end of a two week Spring break.  Yes, one week of not being paid was not enough, they had to throw in an extra week.  Also, the boy is NOT on Spring break.  He will be off the week after Easter and I will have to scramble around to find child care for him.  For those folks who tell me that it will be so great to have time to myself while I am off and the boy is in school, let me say this: 

No!!  NO!!  NOT GREAT!

I don’t need time to myself, I need time with my kid.  I had plenty of time to myself before I had him at age 40 and I’ll have plenty of time to myself after he is grown and on his way.  Being on my own until 3p.m. each day, when I can go pick him up, is really kind of lonely.  When he is around, he makes me laugh and keeps me from worrying every minute of the day.  I know this may seem odd, but I have never wanted a break from that boy, not even when he was very small.  I know, I’m a freak.  And I can accept this.

Since  my wonderful Spring break started, the following have occurred in my life:

-My computer caught a virus which took me days to fight off successfully (yay me!) but has left me with the feeling that I have been through a war.  Also?  My computer is not fun anymore and has been added to my list of worries.  I really need more worries- thanks, computer!

-In madly cleaning my computer of the virus, I messed up my email account (don’t ask) and had to change the email address I’ve had for six years.  Six years! 

-I got on the wrong freeway and made my boy late to the Math Olympics.  Enough said.

– In trying to correct my wrong freeway mistake, I drove way (way!) too fast and got a speeding ticket.  A big one.  With a big fine. 

Um, I REALLY need to go back to work.  

And not have time off EVER AGAIN.


One response to “Wonderful Spring Break

  1. And here I am counting the minutes until my SB begins on 1.5 days….hurry up damn it.

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