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The Hobo Thing Again

The Mom:  “How was your lunch today?”

The Boy:  “Good!  I told my teacher I’m going to enjoy the pizza while I can since I’m going to be a hobo when I grow up!”


Hobos don’t eat pizza?  Did not know that.  Because I don’t know any hobos.  No one I know has ever been a hobo.  So, why this fascination with hobos?

Perhaps he’ll be the first in our family to earn the title of Hobo.  Quite an honor.  I’ll be so proud.


I Don’t Think So

It’s that time of year again at my school.  Time to vote for the Aide of the Year.  According to the guidelines I read at the top of the ballot, the Aide of the Year should be someone who is child-centered, willing to find different ways to help children learn, have the ability to get along with coworkers, discipline children in positive ways and be willing to go that “extra mile” to get the job done.  Last year when the ballot came out, I was still fairly new at my school and didn’t know that many of the aides very well.  The few on the ballot that I did know in NO WAY qualified for Aide of the Year, in my opinion.  I decided not to vote at all.

This year, when I got the ballot, I was glad to see one of my coworkers’ name near the top of the list.  She definitely had the qualities of an Aide of the Year and deserved this honor.  I would have no problem voting this year.

I checked out the rest of the names on the ballot and noticed my Hard Hearted Coworker’s name.


I headed to the Reading Lab to get the day started.  My Hard Hearted Coworker walked in the door a few minutes after I did.

“STAY OUT!!”, she hissed over her shoulder.  She was talking to the second graders that had been waiting outside the door and had tried to follow her into the Lab.  She shook her head in disgust, with a dark look on her face that clearly said,  “This is the LAST place I want to be!”

Yeah, sure Hard Hearted Coworker.  Like I’ll be putting an “X” by your name on that Aide of the Year ballot any time soon.

This Kid, He Is My Sidekick

The Boy:  “Mom, will you test me on my science?”

The Mom:  “Yes, but I need to eat a few crackers first- I feel kind of weak.”

The Boy:  “What if you got so weak, you started melting and you just melted down into a puddle on the ground and your clothes were just in a pile?”

The Mom:  “And you would be walking along and you’d step in that puddle and you’d be all–“

The Boy:  (in a disgusted voice and without missing a beat)  “Oooo!  I stepped in mom!”


Hey.  It could happen.


The biggest mistake I ALMOST made was deciding not to have a child.  Even now, nearly nine years later, I will often think to myself,  “Well!  That was a close call!”  Because not to have had this boy that is mine, well, it’s hard to even think what my life would have been like without him.

In my late twenties and early thirties, I was busy and mostly happy, working hard in my career with children and spending time with my nieces and nephews.  I had no boyfriend, no husband-like prospects.  I talked myself into thinking I didn’t really need to have kids, I had all the kids at work and the amazing kids in my family.  These kids occupied almost more time than I had.  They were enough.

Weren’t they?

Even after I met my boyfriend who is now my husband, I was certain I did not want to be a mother.  I was even busier with my work and family and I was getting older.  What would I do with a kid, I asked myself.

What would I do?

But then I turned 39 and….things just changed.  I began to imagine just what I WOULD do if  I had a kid, what my life might be like.  Besides, what was I going to be doing in 20 years- watching my sisters become grandmothers?  That didn’t seem like near as much fun as having my own child.

So, at the age of 40, I had my boy.  And never looked back.  My old life, the one I lived before he was born was my black and white life.  Like in the Wizard of Oz before the color came on.  Not a bad life but nothing compared to life with this boy.  He saved me from myself and helped me to be who I am today:  a mom.  All the other accomplishments in my life pale in comparison to him, my biggest accomplishment.  He is the best part of me.

Today, I took my boy to a Fire Services Day at the local fire station where we walked around in the hot sun looking at different displays and demonstrations put on by the fire fighters.  My son watched as a vehicle was set on fire and a fire truck came screaming up to put the fire out.  And I watched him, the look on his face, the excitement in his eyes.  We went to Walmart where I hissed at the boy more than once to stop fooling around or he was going to tip the cart over on top of himself.  On the way home, my son said,  “This was an AWESOME day, Mom!”

Yes.  Yes, it was.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is lucky enough to be in The Club. The Mom Club.  I feel so grateful to be a part of this club and relieved that I did not miss my chance to belong. 

And I really do feel lucky.  Every single day.

Conversation At Our House

The Mom:  “I’ve never worn this shirt with these pants- does it match?”

The Boy:  “Um, not really.”

The Mom:  “No?”

The Boy:  (considering for a moment)  “Maybe you need another chick’s opinion.”