I Don’t Think So

It’s that time of year again at my school.  Time to vote for the Aide of the Year.  According to the guidelines I read at the top of the ballot, the Aide of the Year should be someone who is child-centered, willing to find different ways to help children learn, have the ability to get along with coworkers, discipline children in positive ways and be willing to go that “extra mile” to get the job done.  Last year when the ballot came out, I was still fairly new at my school and didn’t know that many of the aides very well.  The few on the ballot that I did know in NO WAY qualified for Aide of the Year, in my opinion.  I decided not to vote at all.

This year, when I got the ballot, I was glad to see one of my coworkers’ name near the top of the list.  She definitely had the qualities of an Aide of the Year and deserved this honor.  I would have no problem voting this year.

I checked out the rest of the names on the ballot and noticed my Hard Hearted Coworker’s name.


I headed to the Reading Lab to get the day started.  My Hard Hearted Coworker walked in the door a few minutes after I did.

“STAY OUT!!”, she hissed over her shoulder.  She was talking to the second graders that had been waiting outside the door and had tried to follow her into the Lab.  She shook her head in disgust, with a dark look on her face that clearly said,  “This is the LAST place I want to be!”

Yeah, sure Hard Hearted Coworker.  Like I’ll be putting an “X” by your name on that Aide of the Year ballot any time soon.


4 responses to “I Don’t Think So

  1. And your name is not listed there because….

  2. And that was my first thought. Maybe you aren’t classified as an “Aide” so that’s why you aren’t on the ballot?? Should have been!!

  3. I hope that NO ONE votes for that Hard Hearted Coworker!!!! Her name should not even be listed there……….but YOURS should!!!

  4. Thanks Sally, I feel the same way. Life isn’t always fair.

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