The Hobo Thing Again

The Mom:  “How was your lunch today?”

The Boy:  “Good!  I told my teacher I’m going to enjoy the pizza while I can since I’m going to be a hobo when I grow up!”


Hobos don’t eat pizza?  Did not know that.  Because I don’t know any hobos.  No one I know has ever been a hobo.  So, why this fascination with hobos?

Perhaps he’ll be the first in our family to earn the title of Hobo.  Quite an honor.  I’ll be so proud.


2 responses to “The Hobo Thing Again

  1. Maybe he just wants to be free to travel the world…..oh no, don’t go, we’ll miss you.

  2. but as you always say “you can be a hobo, just be the best darn hobo you can be”

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