Treasured Days

The worst has happened and the husband was laid off last week.  To say that these are extremely difficult and worrisome times for us is, well, the understatement of the year.  Or maybe the century.

But this post is not about hard times.  This post is about days to be treasured.  The husband left yesterday to do some (paid!) work at his sister’s house.  He’ll be gone a few days and while the boy and I miss him (me, mostly for his wicked barbecuing skills!), it takes me back to a different time.  A time that I don’t want to go back to and stay necessarily, but a time that was the best time of my life.

The husband and I are late bloomers, you see, and so did not get married or live together until our boy was six years old.  This is a whole other story for another time, but it meant that the boy and I were on our own for the first six years of his life. 

To be on your own with a newborn, if you haven’t experienced it, well, it is just plain hard.  But the thing is, I didn’t know it was hard at the time.  Looking back?  I don’t know how I made it.  But at the time?  I was having the time of my life!  We were so courageous back then, on our own, a team.  I worked fulltime, sometimes more and the boy came to work with me every day.  We forged a bond so strong that even now, it is sometimes  hard for the husband to break in and be a part of what we are doing.  I have always encouraged a positive relationship between the husband and the boy (even when I wanted to push the husband off a bridge), but the boy and I have been through a lot together and I guess the result is a relationship that sometimes only belongs to the two of us.  

When the three of us became a family that actually lived in the same house, a whole new chapter began.  The last nearly three years have been a great adventure and, like I said, I don’t want to go back to our old life necessarily.  We are still having the time of our lives.  However, these days of just the two of us while the husband is gone are sweet.  It takes me back to that time, those baby and preschool days, when we were on our own, having the time of our lives in a different way. 

We mostly stay home these days while the husband is gone (no spending money in this house, folks!), sometimes together, sometimes doing our own thing in different parts of the house.  We play basketball, water the grass, the boy tells me stories.  We eat whatever we want, whenever we want.  We stay up late together, watching T.V. and chatting.  We talk to the dad/husband on the phone and say,  “We miss you , too!”  

But for me?  It’s O.K. for the husband to work just another day or two, because I am treasuring these days with my boy.

5 responses to “Treasured Days

  1. I’m sorry about your husband’s job. My husband hates his job but is thankful to have it since he can’t find a new one in this economy.
    But because of the state of the economy, his wages have been reduced by 30% since last December, so this year has been a struggle trying to keep up with the ever-rising bills, and keep our really old cars running. Living on a single income that has been reduced by so much is not easy. I understand about having no spending money!!!!
    Glad you are enjoying this time with your son!!

  2. I like Sally. She is letting you know that you aren’t alone and that she understands.

  3. Thank you ladies so much for your sweet comments- *blush*

  4. Oh now. I am so sorry about your husbands job. (Hugs) That must be so very stressful for you. Finding a silver lining is very admirable, and I admire you for it.

    Hoping he finds some work again soon.

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