Monthly Archives: September 2009

He’s With The Band

Decided he wants to be in the band at school.

Decided on the instrument all on his own.

Says maybe he’ll be a blues player when he grows up, but not the famous kind.  He says he’ll be a hobo who plays on the corner with a hat in front of him for people to drop money in.


Lord, give me strength.



On A More Positive Note

Things I will NEVER grow tired of:

1.  This red-headed kid.



2.  The beach.



3.  Weekend bike rides.

4.  Spending my day with children.

5.  Hearing the boy say,  “I love you, Mom.  Thanks for being there for me.”  (Yes, he really says that, all on his own.)

6.  People that I grew up with who talk to me.  All the time.  And even seem to like me.  Well, most of the time, anyway.

7.  Opening the blinds every morning to see my beautiful yard.  With four, count ’em, FOUR pots on the patio that hold plants that I have kept alive for weeks and months. 


8.  This red-headed kid.



What?  You’re tired of looking at him?

Well, I’m not!


Things I Am Tired Of

1.  Being disregarded at my school because I am “just an aide”.

2.  Keeping my mouth shut.  All the freakin’ time.

3.  Not being able to find a job that is better suited to my education and experience.

4.  Not being able to find ANY kind of job.

5.  The husband not being able to find a job.  For going on THREE months.

6.  Being with the husband 24/7.  (See #5)

7.  The people in my house that just keep talking to me even though I clearly am in a not-wanting-to-talk   mood.

8.  Housework.

9.  People I grew up with not speaking to me.

10.  Feeling bad about people I grew up with not speaking to me.

11.  Feeling bad about too many things.

12.  Myself.

13.  Feeling tired.


So.  There ya have it.  Have a great day!