He’s With The Band

Decided he wants to be in the band at school.

Decided on the instrument all on his own.

Says maybe he’ll be a blues player when he grows up, but not the famous kind.  He says he’ll be a hobo who plays on the corner with a hat in front of him for people to drop money in.


Lord, give me strength.


4 responses to “He’s With The Band

  1. Does Harvard offer “hobo” classes??

  2. My oldest daughter (now graduated) played both saxophone and clarinet in school band and now our younger daughter is playing flute but wants to switch to trumpet…we have been “band parents” for several years now….

    • My boy just loves this new adventure- it’s his “baseball”, since he never had any interest in playing on a team or even any other outside activity. So great to hear your positive experience!

  3. Awesome! As with any instrument, the first year (years?) are always a little painful as they’re learning. And the sax will not be any less painful to hear…that durn reed can cause some awfully crazy squeaking! I played the flute from 6th grade through grad school (I was a music major in college) and I taught myself tenor sax. Such fun!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

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