I Spend My Day With Children

I have called myself a teacher, a director of a child care program, an instructional aide.  I have a new job these days and now I call myself a special ed aide. 

But really?  I simply spend my day with children. 

I cannot believe my good fortune.

Most days, I look forward to spending my day with children.  Once I get to school, I know I am where I am meant to be.  I smile and say hello to everyone I pass.  I often feel glad during my day that I get to come to school, that this is where I work.

I know- I’m a dork.

Like anybody else, sometimes I don’t want to get up at dark-thirty and start my day.  Sometimes as I get ready, I imagine that I will call in sick.  Sometimes as I walk up to the school doors, I wish my day at work was already over.  Who doesn’t wish such things from time to time?

Then I walk in those doors and to my classroom and I am so glad to be there.  I can never be sad for too long in a room full of kids.  For the time that I spend at school, my worries (mostly) melt away and I am at peace. 

Then I spend the rest of the day with my boy.  I continue spending my day with children.  The other night, I spent a rare few hours out without the boy.  I had a fine time but….I missed my kid. 

I know- I’m a dork.

But I don’t care.  Adults are interesting and necessary in my day, but there is nothing like a kid to make you laugh, make you think.

I spend my day with children. 

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  




9 responses to “I Spend My Day With Children

  1. Hmmmm! What defines dork?? I think I am one.

  2. Children are wonderful, no doubt about that.

    I am also glad to hear that you smile and say hello to everyone you pass. People like you are
    becoming more and more rare. I get so tired of
    smiling at people I pass, and having them look at me as though I must have a screw loose or something. Are people really that unhappy that they cannot even accept a smile and a friendly greeting from another person, much less return the smile??

    • To tell you the truth, I did not always focus on smiling at people I pass but, with the terrible time my family is having right now, I decided to act “as if” to help myself. I have been mostly rewarded for my efforts (I’ve noticed people at work that never talked to me before talking to me now), but yes, sometimes people look uncomfortable or look away when I do it.

  3. Aw Sally….my thoughts exactly!!

  4. Hi, daughter!! see ya soon!

  5. i agree. kids are the best.

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