Just Playing The Game

Here is the boy, celebrating his victory over his mom in Monopoly.

His very FIRST game of Monopoly.

Yes, on the day that he asked, “Mom, will you teach me to play Monopoly?”, he totally beat me. He landed on one of my silly properties once and I said, “Ha! You owe me $12 rent!”, thinking maybe I had a chance left. The boy said, as he counted out that $12, “Mom. It’s really not that much since I’m basking in all this money.”

Yes, he DID really say that: basking.

Ya know, I think I’m in trouble here.

Send help. Please.

3 responses to “Just Playing The Game

  1. As long as he takes care of you in your old age with all of his Monopoly money then all is good.

  2. From the start, his grandma knew he was a winner!!

  3. Basking……… that is just too funny!!! I love it!!!

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