Daily Archives: December 31, 2009

Parting Words To 2009: See Ya!

Can I just say that 2009 was the worst year ever for me?

O.K., I will.

2009 was the worst year ever for me.

I say that in the most positive way:  WORST. YEAR. EVER.

And yet, it doesn’t change the fact that life goes on, the sun still rises, I still have to get up each morning and face the day.  So I do, I will.

But a new year brings hope, a chance to start over.  I’m not crazy enough to think just because a new year is starting, things will automatically get better. 

I’m a little crazy, but not THAT crazy.

However, a brand new year can still carry hope.  Sometimes?  Hope is all you have.

I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions (although many years ago I resolved to stop biting my nails and I did!), but I always try to set a few goals.  This year, I will try to find the positive in this life, even when it is hard to see.

Like, even though the husband has been out of work for 6 months, our yard looks great since he has so much extra time to do yard work, sometimes raking leaves AS THEY ARE FALLING.

Yeah, I know it’s a stretch. 

Still, finding the positive is my goal for 2010.  And being kinder.  And a bit more patient.

This kid?  A HUGE positive in my life.

And I don’t even have to look hard to see that.


Happy New Year to you and everyone you love or care about.