Monthly Archives: January 2010

Positive Glasses

So, I made my new year’s goal and then just stopped writng here for a while.


Because Iwas busy.

And also?

I had nothing positive to say.

I started the new year working at keeping this goal.  Really, I did.  I did great that first week. 

The second week?  Well, not so much. 

One night, as I was talking with the boy before bedtime, he said something negative.  I said,  “Oh, no, no.  Let’s get back on a positive thought.”  He said that there was nothing positive he could say.  So, I started to tell him about my goal for the new year.  I told him that when times are tough, it’s harder to be positive but, if you look really hard, you can find even the smallest of positives.

He grumbled some more.

I just started talking then and told him I had a pair of Positive Glasses that I just happened to pick up and I keep them in my pocket at all times (I patted my pocket where my glasses lived).  On a day when it’s particularly difficult to see those small positives, I told him that’s when I know I need to take those glasses out and put them on.  I got up off his bed, took those glasses out of my pocket, pretended to clean them off and put them on.  I exclaimed over the positives I could now see regarding his negative situation.

It was so silly!  Back in the old days, I worked with preschoolers every day.  My favorite times were having group time, chatting with kids and spinning stories as they listened.  This story was really a story for a 4 or 5 year old.  My boy is nine.  I waited for him to roll his eyes or say,  “Yeah, whatever, Mom.”

But he didn’t.  He laughed and said,  “Mom!”.  I kept on, calling out the positives I saw that appeared to be everywhere, now that I had my glasses out of my pocket and on my eyes.  He laughed again.  Then, we were both laughing. 

That?  Is a huge positve, one I don’t need glasses to see.

Since our night time conversation, I have patted my pocket more than once, reminding my boy that if he needs those glasses, they are ready and waiting.  It makes us laugh, or at least smile every time.

So, get out your positive glasses, folks!  I have mine.  They’re right here in my pocket.

And remember:  Like all glasses, they only work if you wear them.