First Place, Baby!

After eating, sleeping and breathing the Science Fair for three long months, that red-headed kid took first place in the 4th grade. 
First place!  
I didn’t think he would win first place, and so, being the wonderful, supportive mom that I am, I PUT MY CAMERA AWAY after second place was awarded. 

Mother of the Year- that’s me! 
When I made my way up to the stage to take his picture with the principal, I found a kid with the biggest smile ever on his face.  Naturally, I am more than proud of him, but really?  He should be proud of himself- he worked hard and went that “extra mile” that I’m always nagging, I mean, telling him about.

Before walking back to my seat after taking his picture up on the stage, I looked at him and our eyes met for a moment.  It felt like he was thanking me for helping him with that look, saying,  “We did it, Mom!”  We have been through so much together, this boy and I, especially in the last year.  My heart grew a little larger for him in that moment.  After nine years with him, I’m surprised my heart still fits inside my body, it’s grown that much.
And I remembered all those late nights and early mornings we shared when he was just a small baby.  I would be so tired but my child development background wouldn’t let me stay quiet:  I talked to him and talked to him and then talked to him some more, knowing that some day, it would have been worth it. 
Totally worth it, baby! 


3 responses to “First Place, Baby!

  1. That face says it all!

  2. Life is so damn good when you are 9 yos

  3. Wow!!!! Congratulations on 1st place!!!!
    That is awesome!!!!
    Don’t feel so bad about putting your camera away at just the wrong time- at least you HAD your camera with you!! I am always walking out of the house without mine when attending school events. (You would think that with my girls being teenagers, that I might have gotten in a routine of grabbing the camera by now, but I have found that I only continue to become more forgetful with each passing year.)

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