The Birds Know

This past weekend, the weather turned warm and lovely here.  I know it will turn cold again before the searing heat of summer comes to stay but for a few days, I’m basking in the spring-like weather.  I am so NOT a fall/winter person, I am much more of a spring/summer person.

When the weather turns lovely, I am drawn to my yard and I pick over it, inch by inch, pruning, clearing, straightening.  I have not always been a yard work person but I find in the last few years, I have come to enjoy this work.  It calms me and gives me a chance to think, sort things out.

After doing a bit of work, I felt glad and grateful for the day.  Yard work does that to me.  So, I texted my “yard work sister”, the one that has enjoyed yard work even longer than I have.  (I have a “yard work mom”, too but, alas, she does not text.)

The conversation with my sister went like this:

Me:  I see a lot of spring around this yard= Hope.  Filling the bird feeder.

And ya know?  She was doing yard work, too!  Her answer:

Sister:  Mowed both lawns.  Got some dirt from h.depot 2 fill holes.  Birds r talkin here.

Me:  Here too- thought I heard them say “Fill the bird feeder.”

Sister:  Ever wonder where they r when it rains?

Me:  And then on a random day, I fill the feeder and they r right there.  Our trees r still bare- where r they watching me from?

Sister:  Secret bird clubs

Even after a day, this still makes me laugh out loud.

Spring- thank goodness it’s just around the corner.  At least that’s what the birds say.

And I believe them.



3 responses to “The Birds Know

  1. hey I pulled weeds yesterday – I like yard work too….

  2. We too are oh so ready for spring – too much cold weather here this winter. Our birds too are always there eating at the feeders so we feel very guilty if the feeders are not always full. Love your blog.

  3. It’s been a long, snowy winter here and I am more than ready for spring, but it won’t get warm here for several more weeks.

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