Guess The Joke’s On Me

We have a programable thermostat at our house.  Because I am a miser, I am in charge of that programable thermostat.  I take great care to make sure we are not using ONE EXTRA MINUTE of heat or AC that we don’t absolutely need.  I actually enjoy setting the schedule for the week and weekends, setting the temperature higher and lower as I deem necessary.  It makes me feel powerful somehow, like I am doing all I can to be economical and to not waste our energy.  Sometimes it’s the little things, for me, anyway.

So, in the last couple of weeks, I notice that the times and temperatures don’t seem right.  The heat is turning off and on at times I don’t remember setting on days that aren’t quite right.  Sure, I could just, you know, go over and check the thermostat.  But I can’t see it without my glasses and so, I give up and walk away, figuring I’ll grab my glasses later.

Then, I just decide the thermostat must be broken.  Yep, that’s what I decided, all on my own, without even getting my glasses and looking at the thermostat.  I don’t tell the husband because it will just be another OH MY GOODNESS, HOW WILL WE PAY FOR THIS?!  I can’t blame him- being out of work for going on 10 months will do that to ya.

So, I keep this little piece of information to myself.  I picked today, you know, April 1st, to grab my glasses and actually LOOK at the thermostat.

And you know what?  I discovered I never changed the time on it when that thing called “daylight savings time” happened, oh, A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. 

Also?  The day was set for Saturday.  Um, today is Thursday.  I thought back to the day I decided to change a temperature by one degree because it felt one degree too hot and we can’t have that.  Must have accidentally messed up the day.

Silly me.  The thermostat is NOT broken.  And that?  Makes this a perfect day for me!

Happy April Fool’s Day! 

Apparently, I can make my own entertainment for the day.

And?  Not even realize I’m doing it!

3 responses to “Guess The Joke’s On Me

  1. We have so much in common, it’s funny!!!

  2. Not many comments on this…..that’s because we’ve all done things like this and hate to admit it. Yep, even Mom’s!

  3. My hubby is the programmable thermostat fiend in our house. I hate the temperatures he picks and frequently go behind him, lowering the temperatures. After all, we live in south Texas and need AC! Almost all year. He thinks it isn’t that necessary. However, he isn’t experiencing those lovely hormonal changes I’ve been going through. Wish I was the thermostat queen!

    Thanks for the laughs!

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