At Least I THINK I’m A Good Witch

When I ride my bike around our neighborhood, the song from the Wizard of Oz, where the Bad Witch is riding her bike, always pops into my head.

Neh, Neh-Neh, Neh- Neh, Neh-Neh.

My hair is flying out in back of me, I’m pedaling along and I cannot keep the song or vision out of my head.

Now, I consider myself a mostly Good Witch.  I should be descending in a bubble, like Glenda, the Good Witch.  But that is not what I picture and hear in my head.   I see that Bad Witch, all dressed in black.

Neh, Neh-Neh, Neh-Neh, Neh-Neh.

Maybe there is a little bit of Bad Witch in all of us.  Mine comes out when I ride my bike. 

Guess there are worse times for my Bad Witch self to appear.

One response to “At Least I THINK I’m A Good Witch

  1. I picture you more like Glenda.

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