My feet hurt. 

More specifically, the BALLS of my feet hurt.  All the time.  I think I’m old. 

When we were teenagers, my sisters and I, our mom would tell us, ” The balls of my feet hurt.”  All the time.

Oh!  How we would tease her!  Imitate her.  Be not understanding.  At. All.

And now?  Here I am, the balls of my feet hurting.  Man.

I told this story to the Husband and that Red-Headed Kid the other day.  How we would tease our mom about the balls of her feet hurting.

“Sounds like payback, Mom!”, the Boy said.

Yes.  Yes, it does.

Vengeance is sweet, eh, Mom?

5 responses to “Payback

  1. lord, Mom is going to love this one….

  2. Daughter…..if this is genetic, it proves you’re not adopted…..YAY!!

  3. Okay Jan, I’m getting a little tired of checking your blog every morning and seeing no new posts. Could you please take a few minutes away from family, job and Christmas prep to share your words of wisdom with us. You make us laugh, you make us reflect and you are enjoyed by many. Come on, honey, just a short one to get us through the new year. Love you…..

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