This Morning At Our House

That red-headed kid asked for bacon and eggs this morning.

I had to tell him we were out of eggs.  I had used the last of them to make the brownies we took to our Christmas Day celebration.

He was disappointed, of course.

Then I offered him a brownie for breakfast.  Because there are EGGS in the brownie.

That totally counts. 


The husband laughed and said, “You have a good mom, dude.”

I am the resourceful one in this house.

4 responses to “This Morning At Our House

  1. Brownies for breakfast!! What more can the boy ask for. For me, left over pizza is the best…..

  2. And there is also caffeine to wake him up!

  3. I say that is much better than bacon and eggs!

  4. I love your way of thinking with eggs in the brownies. Anyone who serves chocolate for breakfast is a winner in my book!!!

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