I am a mom,  a wife, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend.  But mostly, I am a mom.  I worked in the field of child development as a teacher, director and observer of young children for more than 25 years.  Then I walked away to become a stay-at-home mom for a year.  Now, I work as a special education aide at an elementary school, helping kids with special needs.  This blog is a place for the thoughts in my head, the thoughts that must come out of my head before it explodes.  Because I know you’re just dying to hear them.


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  1. Red Head's Mother

    It’s not meant to be trite, but sometimes think of disappointments as weather patterns in your life. Marriage is very tricky business. You have a healthy outlook: keep it up. You know my motto: never do anything to harm your children. Nathan’s a beautiful boy. Love that red hair. Regarding the music, some say it helps them get through tough times. I spent just over $5,000 on a tuba (fine tuba) for my red head so he could have one in Florida. He’s not happy there, and it saddens me deeply. He’s going to apply for a transfer soon, but he did last year and came up with no choice but to stay. I admire him for doing so well and not turning to destructive outlets. Back to you. What can I say but to try to turn your energy to others. It doesn’t mean that you forget yourself; heaven knows I’ve spent many lonely afternoons, days, and years doing this. I talk to myself and am my own best friend sometimes. The sadness I feel regarding my redhead (sometimes what he tells me is so sad I can’t even repeat it as his mother) I keep to myself because my J can’t handle his own feelings and fears let alone mine. Remember the boy, and your student. I am so sorry about the sister who’s not talking to you. Sometimes we just have to let things go, understanding that there’s nothing we can do to heal or help other’s pain. Always remember how important you are to me, and that you’re the best person who can ever happen to kid. You’ve done so much good in this world through your work that others pass on (I pass on your teachings to help others be better parents). Keep your chin up, stand up straight, and smile.

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